Group Mentoring

As your business takes shape and progresses through various stages it is inevitable that important decisions will need to be made. These decisions are often complex and sometimes it is important to get advice and support from independent sources. A good mentoring group can be invaluable to entrepreneurs, offering peer support and providing new insights.

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Business Support

When you have committed to targets and taking action, sometimes you need that sounding board or accountability check-in to keep you motivated and on track.
The group facilitator is there to help you in between monthly meetings, to provide you with resources, point you in the right direction and work with you through challenges.

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Mentors/Content Experts

Gain valuable insights and knowledge from our Content Specialists who provide monthly interactive group session on key subjects, that they themselves are experts in. It's not just their knowledge, but also their experience.
They are successful business owners who are ready to share and support you in your business growth.

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Why Mentoring For Growth?

Group mentoring is one of several mentoring varieties on the rise and it’s clear why: we humans naturally tend toward groups. Because we love to learn and find support in small groups, identifying and formalizing those groups makes intuitive sense. With group mentoring, you can have one mentor who provides expert information to a group of mentees, and the mentees can also provide knowledge and learning to each other.  

This programme offers the opportunity for you to be supported in your business growth over an eight month period for free.

You will have access to Content Specialists, peer to peer support, the support of the programme/group facilitator as well as online training, a private online Facebook group, webinars for support and additional training and more.

What do you need to take part?

  • ambition and commitment to your business growth.
  • A basic business plan (1 year) that demonstrates your vision for your business (can be completed during application process)
  • An existing business - this scheme is about growth.

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