Previous Attendees

We are grateful for the bonds made with the other companies within our group and we feel like these connections made have enabled us to gain a better understanding of how similar sized business faces their own challenges

Michael Dalrymple

SD Consulting


The network of people in our group are fabulous, quite diverse but we had very honest frank confidential discussions sharing our experiences in running our respective businesses. It's amazing just how many common issues we had and very honest responses from them was a huge benefit to me given I spend most of my working day alone in the office like many small business owners. We collaborated on a business front and can use each others skills and services where we feel appropriate.

Helen Shepherd

Eco Safety Ltd

Group 1 complete the Mentoring for Growth programme receive their certificates.


John-Lynton Bryan

Gydran Studio aka Proseity

I’ve not only been exposed to ideas and concepts that are new to me, but I’ve been forced to focus on clarifying what the goal is for my business.

Sometimes when you are running your own enterprise, it seems that there is only time enough to keep your head above water – to get orders out the door, respond to emails, do the bare minimum of drawing – so it has been valuable to have time set aside to see the bigger picture.

Alison Pottie

Wonky Woolies

Joanne Turner

By being part of the group, I have found myself more focussed on my business goals, learned how to realise them and, best of all, I have seen the results already.

Joanne Turner

NS24 Ltd

Group 2 with their certificates
Giles Etherington

Don’t underestimate the value of having a day a month to step back from the business.

Giles Etherington

Brand Satellite

I’ve not only been exposed to ideas and concepts that are new to me, but I’ve been forced to focus on clarifying what the goal is for my business.

Sometimes when you are running your own enterprise, it seems that there is only time enough to keep your head above water – to get orders out the door, respond to emails, do the bare minimum of drawing – so it has been valuable to have time set aside to see the bigger picture.

Hannah Longmuir

Hannah Longmuir Arts

Mentoring for Growth provided great accountability for achieving my goals. The speakers at each session were really interesting, and each session provided a focus for planning my business growth.

Flora Collingwood Norris

Collingwood Norris

My reason for joining this programme was to help me run the SCIO Works+ more effectively and to move beyond existence to sustainability. The programme covered the major points that need to be considered when looking at the development of a small business or in my case a small charity.

Alongside the workshops from industry professionals, the opportunity to work with fellow participants and on the issues and solutions for their businesses was critical to look at my own charity with a fresh set of eyes. This programme has given me strategic space to move Works+ forward to a sustained future. Works+ is now 14 months old and has helped 62 out of 64 young people achieve a positive destination in our first year of operation.

Mark Timmins


A really helpful course and good to take time out to work on the business. It has helped me to take the plunge to a new stage of development, and I’m now working with my partner and moving to different premises. Hope this support for micro-business growth will continue!

Jules Horne


The programme also offered me space to reflect, give and receive support from our peer group, and take some time away from the day to day organisation and delivery of my own events. I came away from the programme feeling inspired with a number of new ideas, and re-energised for the future. I have made lovely new friends who are still in contact and expect to have doubled my turnover in the next financial year. This is a wonderful initiative providing support for small business owners who are often isolated and I highly recommend this programme"

Suzy Nairn


Group 3 complete!

I had been running Unit Four as an arts venue for Cornucopia since August 2017 having project-managed its refurbishment. Before that I had been manager of Cornucopia magazine’s subscriptions office.

Mentoring for Growth became invaluable when staff changes arose in the subscriptions office. The networking contacts helped me find additional staff, but more important personally was the compassion and understanding of both facilitators and participants at what was a very stressful time for me. The workshops with industry professionals showed me not only how much there was to learn but where to turn for expert advice. Feedback and peer review from the other participants was especially relevant and helpful.

At the end of its second year Unit Four has doubled both usage and revenue, and looks set to continue to provide an independent arts venue for the community.

Julie Witford


Attending the mentoring for growth programme has enabled me to take a step back from the day to day running of our business.  To focus on what is important to achieve our long term business objectives as well as enjoying playing a small part I hope, in the success of others enterprises in our group

Mark Hibbert

Counting Sheep Campers

It was a programme that I didn’t know anything about and going into the unknown with some scepticism but it proved to be a hugely worthwhile few months with an engaging group of business owners. Being fairly new to the business world it sometimes appeared a daunting task but over the course we were able to focus in on what was specifically required for my business to flourish. 

The mentoring system proved very effective at zeroing in on our personal business challenges that would ultimately maximise our productivity and turnover. The size of the group proved optimal and allowed enough time in each session for us to speak about our work and provide feedback alongside input from the other group members. Everyone’s different business background resulted in a unique perspective and viewpoint which was great. There was a wide array of specialist mentors that came in each month and opened the eyes to different aspects of the business world which I had frankly not even considered.

Jamie Reddihough

Rule Valley Simulated Game

I attended the Mentoring for Growth programme and it has helped me stay organised and educated me on subjects that I will need to consider as my business continues to grow. The group was well thought out with a range of businesses allowing a good atmosphere and learning environment.

Lesley Landels

Love Scottish Candles

Group 4 proving it is not all work and no play & completing the Mentoring for Growth programme

I signed up for the Mentoring for Growth programme with a degree of scepticism following attempts at similar mentoring and management improvement programmes, but was more than pleasantly surprised by the benefits that I gained from the experience. The combination of quality specialists in particular fields, peer-to-peer interaction and accountability provided a breadth of knowledge and discussion on a whole range of subject matter that can only be of use for the future. Inevitably tangible results for my business will depend entirely on my implementation of practices learned, but I feel better equipped and more positive for the future as a result of my attendance

Robin Robson

Pro Motif

The experiences and lessons that I learned on the course will prove invaluable to my future in business. The whole course was structured extremely well and it was such a good experience all round from the people on the course with me to the content being aimed exactly where a small business required it to be.

Stuart Blackie

Newton Don Nurseries

Not only was the course both fun and challenging it truly connected and inspired me. Our group worked well together as a team bouncing of each other with ideas. I have gained new skills and have begun to apply these to my business, and already beginning to see the changes happening.

Pauline Cordell

All Awards

Now after the Mentoring for Growth programme I feel I am in a much better place.  I feel much more confident about where I am going and that it will succeed.  I am ready for when things don’t go quite right and I have a new kind of mindset which sees my business as a constantly evolving thing.

Lara Green

Transform Arts CIC

The mentoring for growth program was the kick up the backside that I (and Hawick Autocare) needed! It came at just the right time, the programme and the mentors helped with new ideas and made me think about issues I had. This has helped the business grow and more importantly I have grown as an individual.

Alan Grief

Hawick Autocare

Group 5 collecting their certificates

Mentor’s ideas have jogged my memory, it has focused what we need to do.  I already knew what was needed here it’s just taken time to kick in and through my own self-motivation.  

Billy Hamilton

Buccleuch Arms Hotel

SNS & Media Services

John Lynton Bryan – SNS & Media Services

A digital consultancy providing ‘do for you’ services to build your brand and attract more customers.

Services Include:

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Sessions
  • SEO services
  • Social Media Posting
  • Media Creation
  • Content Management
  • Optimization
  • Video Production

and much More…


Tartan Plus Tweed Ltd.

Tartan Plus Tweed Ltd.

Tartan Plus Tweed Ltd. is located at 12 Bank Street in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. We are a family owned business, that opened in October 2012. We provide kilt hire, kilt sales, Scottish gifts, and much much more! We were not always in the Highland wear industry though. After work commitments took us away from the Borders, we decided on our return that we wanted to give back to the community that we loved so much.

When we did move back we had noticed that the textile industry had almost vanished from our doorstep. It used to be an industry that this region was proud of, and an industry that had been perfected by the people that live here. So, we did our digging and have come to find that while some Highland wear products were still manufactured here, most companies had moved overseas, losing the heritage and history behind each product. We decided that we wanted to help bring some of this back to the Borders.

We dug and dug, and we have found some of the most prominent and excellent companies, based in Scotland. We try to keep this all as local as possible. From the cloth to the final product, we can provide tartan trousers, cushions, cashmere scarves, traditional hand sewn kilts, jewellery, sporrans, belts, kilt socks, and much more that is all still made right here in the Scottish Borders. While we provide a local service, we want to share our findings all over the world and provide our customers with the best that the Borders can provide. Loyalty is at the heart of our business and we stand by our customers who always come first.



Brand Satellite

Brand Satellite

Brand Satellite is a brand consultancy and integrated advertising, graphic design and marketing agency.

Through a range of complementary communications services, we help SMEs who have either never approached their business as a brand before, or are not making the most of the brand they have.

Brand Satellite has established a diverse portfolio of clients, working with companies within the renewables, recruitment, communications, creative, retail, political, tourism, financial and environmental sectors.


NS24 Ltd.

NS24 Ltd are practicing members of the world’s leading bookkeeping organisation, The  Institute of Certified Bookkeepers . As such we are governed by professional conduct regulations, required to keep our knowledge up to date, follow best practice guidelines and maintain high professional standards at all times. Our practice licence number is 17908.

Bookkeepers are also obliged to comply with the duties laid out by the following –

  • Bribery Act 2010
  • Fraud Act 2006
  • Criminal Finances Act 2017
  • Terrorism Act 2000
  • Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  • Money Laundering Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017
  • as well as other UK Law.


EcoSafety Ltd.

EcoSafety Ltd.

Clients range from sole traders to multi-national corporations. These clients come from a diverse background from manufacturing companies, agricultural and land based businesses, construction companies, charities to pharmaceutical organisations etc. Our work is not restricted to the Borders or even Scotland our aim is to service our client’s needs regardless of location, we go where our clients needs have to be fulfilled.

We provide a dedicated resource to develop health & safety management systems tailored to our particular client needs to meet their legal compliance requirements. These include specific risk/COSHH assessments, generation of relevant polices, procedures and manuals.

Specialist health & safely related training  can be provided on topics such as – Accident Investigation, Asbestos Awareness, First Aid, COSHH, Counter Balance Lift Truck Operator, IOSH Working and Managing Safely, Manual Handling, MEWPs Operation, Risk Assessments etc




Providing quality award winning cladding, wall tiles and flooring to the Borders and the rest of UK for the last 10 years. Offering a product portfolio that is modern, unique and cost effective for both exterior and interior projects.


  • Cladding
  • Interiors
  • Insulation
  • Structures
  • Fire Safety